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Doctor Sparkles: Photos


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Doctor Sparkles Out & About

"The Fool on the roof is aloof..."
Doctor Sparkles at NorVA
Doctor Sparkles @ Burning Uke 2007
Lil Doctor Sparkles 2
Before a show
NY Ukulele Cabaret
Cinco de Mayo
Dr. Sparkles playing at Abbey Road Restaurant
Doctor Sparkles playing at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters
Doctor Sparkles before performance at the 2007 New York Ukefest
With New Friend Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Va Beach, VA
Doctor Sparkles & the Mystic Nomads
Doctor Sparkles & His Ladyship on Holiday
The Sparkles at The Jewish Mother
Birthday Party Guests join Doctor Sparkles in a tune
Doctor Sparkles-in-the-box (with Mrs. Sparkles)
Doctor Sparkles and young talented artist
Doctor Sparkles wins "Best Cabaret Song of the Year" at Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2006