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Doctor Sparkles: News

The Voice Interview - December 22, 2008

Wanda Waterman St. Louis interviews Doctor Sparkles in The Voice Magazine

Adjust Your Eyes Interview - December 22, 2008

Devil Cat on Free Lap Dances Volume 4 - November 17, 2008

Doctor Sparkles' feline tango "Devil Cat in a Concrete Jungle" will be appearing on a new compilation CD being released to rescue stray animals, entitled "Free Lap Dances - Volume 4 - Save Our Strays". To learn more about this CD and the organization behind it, befriend them on MySpace.

Monkey Swing Monkey Doo nominated for Best International Jazz Album - November 10, 2008

Toronto Exclusive Magazine has nominated Monkey Swing Monkey Doo for 2008 Best International Jazz Album:
List of Nominees

Doctor Sparkles on Alooga Radio - October 20, 2008

Doctor Sparkles music now playing on Germany-based: Alooga Online

Doctor Sparkles featured muisician on Artistic Pursuit - September 2, 2008

Doctor Sparkles is currently the featured musician on Artistic Pursuit, an interactive community of both artists and fans. The mission of Artistic Pursuit is to become the most recognized destination for artists and fans to connect worldwide. Check it out!

Doctor Sparkles releases Monkey... - August 26, 2008

Monkey Swing Monkey Doo is now available for purchase through Monkey Swing Monkey Doo!
Click on Monkey

Macaw dances and sings to Swingtown - August 23, 2008

Meet Charro, the swinging Macaw...

Doctor Sparkles on Ukulele Safari - August 7, 2008

Bosko & Honey are on a ukulele safari around the world. Here's a bit from their visit with Doctor Sparkles:

Monkey Swing Monkey Doo songs now on Snocap - July 11, 2008

Monkey Swing Monkey Doo CDs are now getting manufactured, but all 14 of its songs* are available for download through snocap…

*1) The Golden Age of Swing 2) Hundred Monkey Mambo 3) Swingtown (Alphabet in Reverse) 4) Star Monkey 5) The Anahata 6) Gotta Dance 7) Devil Cat in a Concrete Jungle 8) Monkey Love 9) Just One Thing 10) Last Flight of the Multicolored Angel Bird 11) Another One Percent 12) Always Be There 13) Another Birthday Song 14) Flinging Poo at the Zoo

CD Pre-order Special Offer! - June 29, 2008

Monkey Swing Monkey Doo is scheduled to be released July 2008. Pre-order this album and receive a free copy of Fool's Gold, the last album made by Doctor Sparkles before he started songwriting on the ukulele.

*Here's how it works:
1. Send $15 check to:
1728 Ocean Ave #144
San Francisco, CA 94112
2. We'll mail you your copy of Fool's Gold right away
3. We'll mail you your copy of Monkey Swing Monkey Doo as soon as they are received from Discmakers

That's over 2.5 hours of fun for $15!

*Offer expires July 28, 2008.

Jumping Flea Circus Theme Song - June 8, 2008

Jumping Flea Circus has a Venue! - April 2, 2008

The Jumping Flea Circus Ukulele Cabaret now has a venue! This will be a monthly open mic for ukulele performers. Contact Doctor Sparkles for directions and/or to sign up.

Doctor Sparkles sings Another Birthday Song - January 11, 2008

Doctor Sparkles sings Another Birthday Song on a windy day in Golden Gate Park (2007)...

The Islands of the Imagination on the Wharf - December 18, 2007

Lil Doctor Sparkles performing The Islands of the Imagination at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf in September 2007...

The One That I Love in the Park - November 22, 2007

Doctor Sparkles playing "The One That I Love" in Golden Gate Park on a windy September day (2007).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Doctor Sparkles at Burning Uke - November 2, 2007

Every summer ukulele players gather in Big Sur and burn a giant ukulele just cuz... Here's Doctor Sparkles playing "Pop De Popcorn" in front of the ill-fated uke...

Sad Fruit Face Hears Another Birthday Song - October 18, 2007

Doctor Sparkles sings "Another Birthday Song" to a sad fruit face in a motel room barefoot with his ukulele in 6/8. (This song is presently being recorded in 4/4 swing as a part of "Monkey Swing Monkey Doo")

Doctor Sparkles sings Delirious - October 14, 2007

Doctor Sparkles & The Mystic Nomads in August 2007 covering "Delirious" at the Beach...

Doctor Sparkles neither seeing, speaking nor hearing no evil - October 7, 2007

Here's Doctor Sparkles & The Mystic Nomads performing the Doctor Sparkles original "100 Monkey Mambo" (copyright 2007). A studio version of this song will appear on the upcoming release "Monkey Swing Monkey Doo".

Watch Doctor Sparkles play Lowrider - October 2, 2007

Here's another video of Doctor Sparkles & the Mystic Nomads playing at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. See if you can tell when the rubber ball on the end of Doctor Sparkles' cowbell beater flies off...

Watch Doctor Sparkles Practice Suspicious Behavior - September 15, 2007

Here's Doctor Sparkles & the Mystic Nomads in a July performance at Beachstreet USA at the Ocean Front, Virginia Beach, playing the original "Practice Suspicious Behavior"...

Doctor Sparkles New Home - September 3, 2007

Doctor Sparkles has moved to San Francisco where he looks forward to many informal performances in the area parks, most notably Golden Gate Park. Jam sessions encouraged.

The Islands of the Imagination Live From Virginia Beach - September 1, 2007

Here's Doctor Sparkles & The Mystic Nomads performing the Doctor Sparkles Original "The Islands of the Imagination" at one of their last Virginia Beach performances together.

Doctor Sparkles & The Mystic Nomads at Beachstreet USA - August 8, 2007

Here's Doctor Sparkles & The Mystic Nomads (Ron Subeh, AKA "The Arab Tickler" on Bass and Russell "The Love Mussel" on drums) performing Monster Mash in a heat index above 100 degrees...

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